Community Development

Poverty Alleviation

ICT Literacy and Culture

Leadership and Governance and youth development

Agriculture and Vocational Education

Women and Girls Developmental Issues

The center have its operation covering community development, poverty alleviation, ICT, cultural and traditional promotion and enhancement, agricultural and vocational development as well as leadership patterns and dynamics guiding them in the rural community. The vision therefore dictates formation of independent department to enhance the individual developmental activities of the units. The functions and proposed activities of each of the department are highlighted in the subsequent sections.

RUPPAU base its operations on the following highlights;

  1. Conducting research to inform policy, build community and promote the health and well-being of rural people and environments.
  2. Identifying and building upon community strength
  3. Identifying geographies of inequality in order to inform policies aimed at reducing disparities.
  4. Promoting evidence-based policy and planning, based on research that focuses on issues of concern ad interest to rural communities.

ICTACTU pull resources together on the following;

  1. Basic and advance training on ICT for a certain number of people to be decided upon on a yearly basis
  2. Establishment of a modern ICT center to enhance training purposes
  3. Establishment of a cultural center
  4. Research that connects ICT and cultural heritage
  5. Other activities in promoting ICT in rural communities

IVAMECO focus its actions on the following;

  1. Introducing new farming technologies that will not only target self-sufficiency but also commercialization.
  2. Enhancing value addition to products and storage during the bloom period and sale during the dearth period.
  3. Facilitation of processing of products to finished goods to reduce wastage.
  4. Establishing vocational training centers to ensure rural dwellers are not only farmers
  5. Training on agricultural enterprise as well as other related enterprises to foster self-sustenance

LEGORAU is a center created for;

  1. Assisting and strengthens capacities of governance institutions and their civil society counterparts for further development objectives, policies and programs that ensures effective service delivery.
  2. Leadership and human development that will prepare the successor generations of leaders, administrators and managers for a life of competent, proactive and dedicated service.
  3. Serving as a credible venue for issue and policy advocacy, and a venue for dialogue, trust and solidarity building, networking and collaboration, local benchmarking and interdisciplinary research.
  4. Supporting and publishing original, independent research by leading scholars from the center and beyond on key issues like energy, health, education, and economic policy.
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